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Customers Reviews

Wearing Mbt shoes for five weeks, it indeed tone my body, and improve my posture and ease the back pain. Thank you guys! By Jack

Sorry of my late comment. I must say I made the right choice. The shoes are very comfortable and make me an impulsion of sport. By Anderson

These shoes do effect on me, I feel my body has been young. Very vigorous. Magical products! By Jason

The shoes are perfect. My daughter like them so much that wearing three consecutive days. Thanks so much! By Wilson

Got the shoes several days. Just started truly a little not to adapt, is a little irritable. Then I like these feeling increasing. I didn't like sports ago, but now I have been running three successive mornings. They are so amazing! Best regards! By Lewis

Your customer service is excellent and the shoes are very good. I will recommend to my friends By James

Beautiful shoes! Arrived almost instantly! Very satisfied with it! By Vicky

I must say thank you MBT shoes, my life has certainly become more comfortable since I bought them, thank you mbt! By Sheila